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For the last few years, I’ve been dealing with some major health issues, and because of my worsened state, I’m needing to put a pause on everything.  I am saddened and disappointed that it’s come to this, but I need to focus on my health, and most importantly my family - who’s also been affected by all of this. 

If you’ve gotten work done by me, you’ll know I spend a LOT of time communicating with you guys throughout the whole process, I genuinely care about what I produce, and the interaction I have with each of you. I’ve tried my best to make people aware individually of the issues when it’s appropriate or when it comes up, but I’ve never publicly made a statement or update about my health, due to not wanting “the whole world to know what’s going on.” I realize this was a mistake; what I should have done is given an update (even if it was small/vague) to let everyone know that I may not  be “fully operational” and that I’m struggling with my health, and just trust that it would be received well.  This was simultaneously me not wanting to accept/admit it, having a couple mean responses from people I attempted to tell, and those somewhat causing me to feel that if I didn’t give 100% context and detail, that it would just cause more questions and confusion.  Again, this was a mistake. A few bad apples shouldn’t affect everyone else.  So many of you guys have been absolutely amazing to me, supportive, kind, and I cannot thank you enough.  I’ve typed up probably a dozen drafts FULLY explaining everything that’s going on, but never did anything with them due to worry or concern that I’d be sharing too much, or that it would be TMI  for the average guy or gal who just wants their frame grippier.


To everyone who’s been unable to get ahold of me: I am deeply sorry, I should have figured this out sooner and updated everyone all at once. I think I planned on getting better sooner, so It was easier for me to just push it to the side, than to face it head on (like I’m doing now) 


For the time being, I’m going to be putting a pause on working with individual customers, and I’ll be trying to work my way back up to the task. I will be working on / selling new frames when im able, so hopefully some of you guys can still get some products from me. I'll be working with Reactive Gunworks, who will have some of my frames up for sale.


Future plans will include:  

👉🏼Changing some of the steps required to get work done (I currently bottleneck people at communicating with me to get in line.) this is both inefficient, and causes my inboxes to fill up ridiculously fast. I have plans to offer a similar system, but you’ll just reserve a spot online. 

👉🏼Offering “packages” that are a combination of the best mods, with less options to choose from. This allows me to really "hone in" on what I offer, taking the endless feedback over the years to produce a more consistent/quality package, vs having an excess of unnecessary variety. Variety is good, too much I think can be bad.  I’ve found that the more variety and aesthetic options I offer, the more solely “aesthetic-focused” customers I get. (Obviously some customers need one-off things done sometimes, and I’ve always tried my best to accommodate. I’ve done COUNTLESS one-offs for guys who have unique needs, plenty can attest to that) 


Lastly, I want you guys to know that my #1 priority in framework, is functionality and feel. I don’t view my work as “Gucci” or an artistic add-on to your frame, and I’m not overly focused on how cool your frame will look on Instagram.  I view my work as an aid in functionality, comfort, and a means of improving the likelihood of you keeping ahold of your gun if,  God forbid, SHTF.  With that said, my own OCD and constantly-evolving standard  is the reason I will always attempt to have perfect lines, clean borders, and neatness in what I offer.  This has been, and will always be the case.   Constant improving, constant growth.

There’s a razor-thin line between doing something solely because it looks cool, and offering something you believe in functionally, while holding yourself to a standard artistically. This is a classic “artists struggle” that I’m sure many of us who produce things experience. 


If I could ask anything of you guys, it would be just keep me in your prayers, or think positive thoughts into the universe or whatever 🤣  I need all the positivity I can get. 



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